The Public Procurement Office (PPO) is set up as an independent governmental agency with the mission to help the establishment of sound procurement procedures and practices ensuring that public funds are spent in an efficient and transparent way, thus complementing government's overall drive in containing corruption.
The aim of the PPO is to promote knowledge and understanding of Public Procurement Law by:

  1. the participation in drafting the regulations pertaining to the sphere of public procurement;
  2. providing consulting services to procuring entities and bidders;
  3. monitoring public procurement procedures;
  4. submission of requests for the protection of rights in the case of violation of public interest;
  5. informing the body in charge of public fund auditing, budget inspection and other bodies competent for the initiation of offence proceedings on irregularities in conducting public procurement procedures and delivering public procurement reports that it has identified in the course of performance of the activities within its competence;
  6. issuance of certificates to public procurement officers, as well as keeping the register of the public procurement officers who have been issued certificates;
  7. publication and distribution of relevant technical literature;
  8. preparation of model decisions and other acts the procuring entity adopts in public procurement procedures;
  9. collection of information on public procurement in other states;
  10. collection of statistical and other data on the procedures conducted, public procurement contracts concluded and on the efficiency of the public procurement system as a whole;
  11. formation and maintenance of the Public Procurement Portal for the purpose of improving general information provision to procuring entities and bidders;
  12. cooperation with foreign institutions and experts in the field of public procurement;
  13. cooperation with other government bodies and organizations, compulsory social insurance organizations, as well as bodies of a territorial autonomy and local government;
  14. other activities according to the law.